World Pasta Day: the Mediterranean diet is good for taste, health and the planet.

To remember the importance of our Mediterranean diet, a World Pasta Day has been established. What are the benefits? Why is the Mediterranean diet so good for people and the planet?

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, the Mediterranean diet is an ancient diet. In the 1950s, Ancel Keys sensed the enormous potential and, to study it, set up a headquarters in Pioppi, Cilento.

When the researcher died, he handed the food under the magnifying glass of scientists: the result was that to feel good you have to consume fresh vegetables and fruits, in quantity and variety, nuts, legumes, cereals and wholemeal derivatives, extra virgin olive oil and the fish. Milk and dairy products are present to a moderate extent, while the consumption of meat is reduced.

Researchers have demonstrated the effectiveness of this dietary model in protecting our health by preventing the onset of many diseases.

As for respect for the environment, it has been noted that the Mediterranean diet, compared to the habits that prevail today in industrialized countries, reduces the impact on water reserves and greenhouse gas emissions, which are among the main causes of global warming.

Because? Meat and dairy products, foods not present in our local diet, have a very strong weight. Greenhouse gases from livestock account for about 14.5% of the world’s emissions each year, nearly the same amount as all cars, trucks, planes and ships combined.

October 25 is the day dedicated to pasta which means telling the symbolic dish of the Mediterranean Diet.

In 2020 the world ate about 17 million tons of pasta, one million more than in 2019 and double compared to ten years ago, with Italy leading the way in the production, consumption and export of

this food. And also in 2021, pasta makers confirm their commitment to feed the planet and reaffirm the symbolic value of being together and sharing a plate of pasta.

This year, pasta has an extra value: a solidarity competition launched by the Italian Food Union is born to show the “good” of pasta. With the #Haveagoodpasta initiative, Italian pasta makers are turning to pasta lovers to donate a plate of pasta to the less fortunate. To participate, just post a shot of a plate of pasta with the hashtag #Haveagoodpasta on their social channels until 25 October.

Each shared shot will be uploaded to the dedicated site “AlDente” ( and will “load” an online counter until it reaches 300,000 pasta dishes, which Italian pasta makers will donate to the Caritas canteens of four large Italian cities: Milan, Rome, Naples and Palermo, to ideally unite the peninsula in a solidarity spaghetti meal.

Recognizing the extraordinary value of this product and of our diet in general is the core of Eleit. And pasta as well as oil will be the protagonists of our new lines of objects .. But this is another story that we will tell you soon!

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