Buffalo mozzarella, a food with a unique and unmistakable flavour, is a real treasure of the Mediterranean diet. This element is so precious to be considered the white gold of Campania, the only one to have received a DOP recognition.

Not just a cheese, but a real journey into taste and tradition, an experience that involves all the senses. Buffalo mozzarella means sharing, hospitality, conviviality, Mediterranean identity, intercultural dialogue.

A multisensory emotion, an explosion of taste for the palate and the mind.


Loved by all in its traditional combination, with cherry tomatoes, basil, and bread, today buffalo mozzarella has become a real source of inspiration for the creation of culinary masterpieces.

Many chefs have reinterpreted this precious food to create gourmet recipes, an expression of the contemporary Italian Food Experience. A work of research and innovation without losing the link with tradition.

Rosanna Marziale, chef of the starred restaurant Le Colonne in Caserta, is one of the interpreters of this journey to rediscover the flavours of her land and buffalo mozzarella.

The mozzarella ball with basil tagliolini was born in 2003, when Rosanna was engaged, before any other cook, in researching the use of buffalo mozzarella in the kitchen. A very original dish, consisting of a breaded andr fried mozzarella ball stuffed with basil tagliolini, and placed on a pea sauce.

Credits: Rosanna Marziale

Credits: Rosanna Marziale

The “pizza al contrario”, another creation of the chef, is an “upside-down” pizza: the traditional pizza dough is replaced by the mozzarella sheet, on top of which the tomato sauce and cubes of bread are spread as a topping.

Once again, buffalo mozzarella is used in a completely new way, becoming the main

Once again, buffalo mozzarella is used in a completely new way, becoming the main character of a traditional dish that is reinterpreted in a starry key, giving free space to culinary creativity.

Credits: Rosanna Marziale

Last but not least, noteworthy is the mussel soup with black mozzarella milk.

The combination of mussels and buffalo mozzarella is wisely enhanced by a whimsical cuttlefish ink and mozzarella milk sauce that give a refined and aristocratic tone to a dish made of poor components but full of history and genuine flavors .


Eleit.it, through the creation of original and exclusive objects, wants to explore the exaltation of protected raw materials and typical products, PGIs and PDOs ingredients and iconic recipes in the world, creating a synergy between tradition and design to give life to new taste experiences.

Our Pyxis was born from the desire to enhance the consumption of mozzarella from both an aesthetic and functional point of view through the use of a object characterized by an innovative design.
This object is not intended to be just a container for storing mozzarella but also a serving dish which, by allowing the milk to flow inside the lid handle, improves its tasting.

Pyxis is all of this: dialogue with the past, research, and innovation, to get the exaltation of the taste of an iconic food like mozzarella through a contemporary design. A whole new vision of the Italian Food Experience, reserved for the most demanding palates.