The relationship between Italians and food is the focus of the exhibition GUSTO! Gli italiani a tavola 1970-2050, curated by Massimo Montanari and Laura Lazzaroni, set up from 25 March to 25 September 2022 on the third floor of M9 – Museo del ’900 in Venice Mestre.

GUSTO! is the first of a trilogy of exhibitions that the Museum dedicates to Italian clichés, for a comparison with the past, present and future, between scientific research, pop experience, play and critical investigation.

The aim of the exhibition is to tell how the relationship of Italians with the food has profoundly changed in recent decades, with a decisive paradigm shift between the traditional image of national cuisine and an increasingly complex, segmented and contradictory relationship of a country that is transforming its habits, consumption and social composition. At the center of the reflection is the word “taste” (gusto), which best represents the relationship between the individual and society, between individual pleasure and collective sharing.

The exhibition itinerary, which includes physical objects, installations, videos, images and experiential activities, opens with an introductory space that guides visitors to meet places and people who still represent iconically Italy today. Here, space is given to the lexicon of food, to help you make the most of the entire project through a fun signage and a “glossary” of keywords related to the universe of Italian eating, useful for orienting yourself among the nuances of meaning of the key terms of the exhibition and get to focus on taste (in its biological, social, cultural aspects).

Among the objects selected for the exhibition, in the section dedicated to “Seasoning”, here is Elio, from Famiglia Oliva.  The “Spoon of oil“.

Our small brand Eleit is next to brands that have told the story of Italian tables. We are really proud because our mission and our method of innovation have been rewarded, a method that connects food experts, designers and artisans, as in the case of the research and creative path on oil that led to the conception of Famiglia Oliva with Mariella Caputo and Astrid Luglio.

How was the Famiglia Oliva born? We tell you about it in the words of Mariella Caputo, oil master and owner of the starred restaurant Taverna del Capitano:

“Just like for wine, it is worth bringing the bottle of oil to the table to appreciate the shape, the label, the information given. For the service, however, it is useful to have supports that help to dose it in the best way and to emphasize its characteristics. Elio – the sun – is a dispenser that allows you to measure the ideal quantity to add to dishes: a perfect portion to protect health and avoid waste as well as risks of oxidation and rancidity that can accelerate the product’s perishable process. “

Astrid Luglio, designer of the project, declares: “I decided to participate in Eleit project because basing my work on the search for culinary utopias, enhancement of precious ingredients and sensory experiences, I found a perfect harmony between the methodology and the vision with which Eleit projects are developed and my personal research. Participating in the project also meant embracing the care and attention for the story of the process, from the choice of the culinary ingredient to that of the artisan reality “.

With this important exhibition we therefore share the goal of telling stories of Italian food and its consumption through a research path that is giving life to new taste experiences.

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