Spring at the table: a day with Elena Gargiulo, chef at CU.QU – Cucina di Quartiere

How many times, looking at the photograph of a dish, have you wanted to eat it?

“Eating with your eyes” is a simple, immediate saying, which corresponds to a complex organoleptic reaction that occurs inside our body when we observe a food.

The colours of a beautiful recipe suggest many sensations: childhood memories, smells and flavours reminiscences, pleasant memories of hospitality and conviviality at the table.

Each dish tells a story, arousing emotions in those who observe it.

With our lines of objects, the design itself becomes food for the eyes. Food, in turn, puts on a show through our collections that allow multisensory feelings.

Spring on plate

Spring is an explosion of colours. Everything around us blooms after the cold winter. Each of us perceives a desire for lightness, to savour delicate moments of taste and live experiences that awaken the senses.

The flower season brings a need for delicacy, especially at the table!
Like almond trees, from the collaboration with Elena Gargiulo, chef at CU.QU – Cucina Di Quartiere, a new experience of taste … and colours has blossomed!

Midnight, a highly versatile “hybrid” dish, has perfectly inspired the elaboration of a new recipe.

The undisputed star of the dish is the crescent-shaped handle, which allows you to enrich the flavours with the ideal amount of seasoning, for a truly balanced and surprising taste experience.

Fresh and light ingredients give you a pleasant sensation. A dish that stimulates the desire to be savoured at the simple glance.

The design of the Midnight Line, in turn, flourishes and welcomes a new recipe suitable for the most refined palates.

A day with Elena Gargiulo, chef at CU.QU – Cucina di Quartiere

Elena Gargiulo Chef gave us moments of conviviality and creativity in the kitchen, taking advantage of the versatility of the Midnight dish to create a recipe with balanced flavours and a green soul.

Midnight, “hybrid” plate on which the flat surface declines into a concave bend, whose section is obtained by rotating a spoon with respect to a central axis, transforming itself into a soup plate, allowing to achieve a perfectly balanced experience, both for the view that for the taste.

The receipt

Elena Gargiulo Chef brought the colours of spring into a plate, using seasonal ingredients and products from small local producers, such as the yogurt from the Giuseppe Morese dairy farm.

Let’s find out the recipe together!

Spinach salad with roasted asparagus, toasted almonds, and fennel with buffalo lemon yogurt dressing.


200 gr of spinach
250 gr of baby spinach
1 bundle of asparagus
2 almonds tablespoons
1 tuft of fennel
125 gr of buffalo yogurt
Salt, pepper, oil to taste
Lemon juice to taste

Boil the asparagus, then marinate them in oil, salt and oregano and roast them. Meanwhile, after rinsing the spinach and baby spinach, dry them well, then season them with oil and salt. Meanwhile, season the yogurt with a drizzle of oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and a few drops of lemon juice.

Arrange the salad on the bottom of the plate, lay the asparagus on top of it lengthwise, then complete with the almonds, the sprig of fennel and a generous spoonful of yogurt dressing.

Ingredients for the agretti pesto

1 bundle of agretti
1 clove of garlic
2 tablespoons of almonds
1 tablespoon of Parmesan
1 pinch of salt
Extra virgin olive oil

Boil the agretti for about ten minutes in boiling water, then drain and put them in water and ice. After having drained and dried them well, put them together with all the other ingredients in a mixer and adjust with oil until the desired density is obtained.

Spring at the table is served!

Dish created by Chef Maura Ardu and designed by Emanuela Sala for Eleit.it

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