Il Progetto
Uniqueness of the dish and of the atmosphere, quality of the ingredients, the mise en place is the place where the dish is tasted.
The diner is an esthete of food and the act of eating is a real multisensory explosion to be savored with all five senses.
Each gesture brings back memories, smells and tastes, far or near in time.
Rituals, sensations, memories: from the meeting of these elements comes Riti, a collection of objects that focuses on the triumph of gestures at the table.
The Riti Line was born from the idea of exploring the evolution in a starry key of the “scarpetta”, the dipping of bread in the sauce.

400gon, young designers who won the 2018 Materia Design Festival in Catanzaro with the “Ciabattino”, meet the chef Lino Scarallo of the Michelin star restaurant Palazzo Petrucci.

Eleit.it promoted the meeting with the chef ambassador and interpreter of the Neapolitan culinary tradition, also famous for his ragù.

The challenge grows and the idea of a line of objects capable of reinventing gestures and experiences related to masterpieces of Neapolitan cuisine comes to life. In addition to the “scarpetta”, other rituals arrive on the drawing board such as fried pizza and “cuoppo”.
La grande esperienza di Bhumi nel design handmade applicato al
food ha completato perfettamente il progetto.

From this synergy of three great excellences comes Riti, the line of objects for tapas to be enjoyed both standing up and at the table capable of changing perception and integrating into the gestures of food with great creativity and functionality.


A tradition of our tables, a much appreciated gesture, by good connoisseurs.

The “scarpetta”, you know, is not for everybody but for everyone.

A completely natural gesture. A “scarpetta” guided by a wave that divides the two moments of consumption of the dish, to enhance its taste and pleasure.

Just like the waves of the sea that inspire the cuisine of our land, con-dita highlights small delicacies, enhancing their aesthetic value, releasing their scent and simultaneously stimulating three of our senses.

By wrapping your fingers like a ring thanks to its unique shape it allows you to dare combinations that enhance the taste.


The lightness of the pasta, the crunchiness of cooking, a small pleasure to be enjoyed in small bites.

Like any self-respecting fried pizza, to fully enjoy it, it must be pierced to allow the steam trapped inside to escape. Soffio, a name that comes from this gesture, consists of a small, smooth and ergonomic half-cylinder, to be wrapped with your hand.

The “needle” plays a decorative but also functional role: it holds the fried pizza still and allows the steam to escape just like a light and pleasant breath of air.