Our Projects
Territory, history and design represent the three cornerstones of research that gave life to Pyxis, an object dedicated to buffalo Mozzarella.
Rituals, sensations, memories: from the meeting of these elements Riti is born, a collection of objects that focuses on the triumph of gestures at the table.
Famiglia Oliva
The telling of a story through table design objects that suggest a new gesture, generate curiosity and speak of hospitality and well-being, celebrating an icon of Mediterranean culture: olive oil.
With the aim of facilitating the gesture of wrapping long pasta shapes, and achieving a perfectly balanced experience, both for sight and taste, arises the design of the Midnight Line.
Inside Table
Inside table comes from the idea of synthesizing in a table the three cornerstones of’s research and creative process, a story of conviviality with a Mediterranean atmosphere in which nature enters the home, reminding us of the principle of everything.
In the past spices, aromatic substances of vegetable origin, were used not only in the kitchen to flavour foods and drinks, but also in medicine and pharmacy.
From the rediscovered medicinal origin of these coloured powders, endowed with fortifying powers, the idea to contain these special foods within a single object was born; “Speziale” is a sort of sewing box in which the “tools” for the kitchen and body can be kept, just as an ancient “speziale” would do.