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Propose your idea or share your abilities to join one of our projects.
Why ?

Benefits for Partners who join

  • The desire to work in a team and experience, through the network, an innovative process of designing and developing objects aimed at creating new “food experiences”
  • – Differentiation of its offer through the use of objects created and produced to enhance the sensory experience in the journey of taste of its customers
  • Communication, product placement and promotion through channels
  • Royalties on the sales of items
Project – Pyxis
Territory, history and design represent the three cornerstones of the research that gave life to the Pyxis.
Project – Riti Line
Rituals, sensations, memories: from the meeting of these elements Riti is born, a collection of objects that focuses on the triumph of gestures at the table.
Project – Famiglia Oliva
The telling of a story through table design objects that suggest a new gesture, generate curiosity and speak of hospitality and well-being, celebrating an icon of Mediterranean culture: olive oil.
Project – Linea Midnight
With the aim of facilitating the gesture of wrapping long pasta shapes, and achieving a perfectly balanced experience, both for sight and taste, arises the design of the Midnight Line.

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