Midnight Line


The Project
“Cacio e pepe”, “Gricia”, “Amatriciana” and “Carbonara” are traditional recipes of the Roman cuisine known all over the world. Each of these first courses retains its own history but is united by the creamy sauce, the so-called “cremina”.
With the aim of achieving a perfectly balanced experience, both for sight and taste, and to facilitate the act of wrapping long pasta shapes, the design of the Midnight Line was born: a “hybrid” plate on which the flat surface declines into a concave bend, whose section is obtained by the rotation of a spoon with respect to a central axis, transforming itself into a soup plate.
The project was born from an intuition of Maura Ardu, chef of Sardinian – Piedmontese origin, creator of “Casa Italia” where for years she has spread our Italian culinary culture in New York, proposing iconic traditional recipes, finding tastes, ways and improper uses spoon.

The Lombard designer Emanuela Sala, for years engaged in a project of reinterpretation of handcrafted ceramics with the aim of enhancing the knowledge and heritage of Italian historical manufactures, welcomes the challenge and proposes a design object with an innovative shape, the result of careful research conducted in recent years and the desire to translate aspects of our contemporaneity into lasting forms.

It is from the synergy of these two different experiences, on the Milan – New York axis, that the project materializes on the plate.
The Midnight line tells about the first courses of Roman cuisine spread around the world accompanied by long pasta and creamy condiments, traditionally served in white glazed ceramic plates, present on the tables of all Italian families.
Our plate remains in glazed white ceramic but through the crescent-shaped handle it receives the “cream” so that it is not added to the “nest” of pasta, leaving it to remain compact in the center of the plate and enriched by the ideal quantity of seasoning.
Inside the crescent we will wrap the perfect bite, transforming it into a gesture within everyone’s reach.