The Project

With the aim of enhancing the infinite resources of spices and emphasizing the urgency of reducing packaging, Speziale was born, a container designed as a toolbox that allows you to preserve the best properties of these foods.

Sage, bay leaf, rosemary, parsley, basil, oregano, precious saffron, chili pepper, Sicilian sumac are some spices belonging to the ancient heritage of Italian cuisine, not only for the availability in the area but also because they have always been the protagonists of some regional dishes.

Spices cannot be considered only as tools for flavouring foods and drinks, but also as real foods, both known and unpublished, characterized by a fortifying power whose nutritional values ​​could be useful.

Like a tailor, “Speziale” sews roots, berries, and leaves with a light thread, and preserves their best properties, revealing ancient origins to be integrated with more common ingredients.

A single spice box, a sort of sewing box in which these foods, special “tools” for the kitchen and for the body, can be stored individually.


The project was born from an idea of ​​Raffaella Guidobono, founder of Leftover, a “factory” born in Palermo in 2011, with the aim of telling the meeting between Design and Craft through limited edition objects.

This box, whose name was used to indicate the Masters of Aromatics in medieval times, invites respect for the infinite resources of spices and emphasizes the urgency of reducing packaging within the agro-food trade.


Speziale contains the software for each recipe, it is a box that contains spices, aromas for the table and the kitchen but also magical powders, antioxidants elements with a high nutritional intake, to be consumed daily with a practical gesture.