Edit Napoli, the fair dedicated to design, is preparing for its third edition scheduled from 29 to 31 October 2021 in the San Domenico Maggiore Complex.

Edit Napoli debuts in 2019, In the heart of the ancient center of Naples, a fair based on the expressive research and production processes of author’s design. Domitilla Dardi and Emilia Petruccelli, the soul and mind of the project, select designers and producers from all over the world with the aim of merging contemporary ideas and craftsmanship by taking care of every phase of the project, from concept to production and distribution.

In the 2019 edition, Eleit.it told its story during a unique “taste experience” in which the protagonists were the ‘Porta Babà’, designed by Valter Luca De Bartolomeis and created by the Caselli Institute – Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, and Scaturchio’s Babà.

Design and craftsmanship enhance the consumption of a traditional Neapolitan dessert: the perfect synthesis of Eleit.it project which, starting from a recipe or an iconic food, aims to spread Italian culture around the world.

The ‘Porta Babà’, selected and published by ADI Design Index 2019 among the design projects for the award of the Compasso d’Oro, recalls a flower, a characteristic element of the seals of the Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, but updated in the essential lines of a “Calla “.

Where does the Food Experience reside? Drinking the rum of the Babà, in honor of King Ferdinand of Bourbon who, despite all labels, apparently had this unusual habit.

The unique synergy between Design, Food and Handmade has given life in recent years to a new and careful selection of partners who have created objects capable of communicating and establishing new experiences of exaltation of taste.

Neapolitan street food and the Mozzarella di Bufala are the themes from which Eleit.it’s research starts for the creation of two lines of objects presented during Edit Napoli 2020, within the Seminar section, creative cradle for emerging talents, dedicated to under 30 and brands less than 3 years old.

During this edition Eleit.it presents the “Linea Riti” and the “Linea Pyxis”.

The first one, linked to the Neapolitan culinary tradition, is made up of three objects: “scarpetta“, “soffio” and “con-dita“. Thanks to this line of objects, it’s possible to make the ‘scarpetta’ in a starry key, eat a gourmet ‘pizza fritta’ in all its essence and enjoy small delicacies on a single finger. Food Partner is the chef Lino Scarallo, Design partners are 400GON and Bhumi Ceramiche, the latter also material executors of the objects.

Linea Pyxis, on the other hand, tells the story of Mozzarella di Bufala: the object is a container and serving plate with sinuous shapes, designed with the aim of enhancing the consumption of this iconic food, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. The design is innovative but strongly influenced by the tradition of Greek vase art, hence its name.

The experimentation of Pyxis, designed by Raffaella Del Giudice and carried out by the Caselli Institute – Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, took place at the Tenuta Vannulo dairy.

During the edition of Edit Napoli 2021, Eleit.it will present two new projects, this time exposed inside the Sala Del Capitolo.

One of the two protagonists will be extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to the collaboration between two new Partners, Mariella Caputo, Food partner, and Astrid Luglio, Design partner, a new project is born aimed at enhancing the Food Experience of this precious ingredient known since ancient times and exported all over the world.

And if at the base of the Italian Food Experience there are two fundamental values, variety and extreme simplicity, the chef Maura Ardu and the designer Emanuela Sala, propose a functional and innovative way to eat the “cacio e pepe“, an iconic recipe of Italian cuisine.

We have announced the names of the new partners of Eleit.it, but to discover the new objects we are waiting for you at Edit Napoli. When? In exactly one month!

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