In the ancient centre of Pompeii, Habita79 rises in a majestic 20th century building, a recently renovated boutique hotel where contemporary design and the atmosphere of the ancient Pompeian domus coexist.

The building is dominated by a suggestive rooftop from which it is possible to admire three different scenarios: the archaeological excavations of the ancient city, the nineteenth-century bell tower of the Sanctuary and the majesty of Vesuvius.

The Roof” and “Pyxis” speak the same language: an innovative design that knows how to dialogue with the past.

In this wonderful location, our Pyxis seems to fit perfectly.

The Italian Food Experience finds its maximum expression in an all-Mediterranean declination: buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes from the Vesuvius piennolo, basil and the bread prepared by chef Roberto Lepre.

A contemporary mood with an Italian flavor in a timeless atmosphere.

Rich shades of colors perfectly contrast with a vivid blue sky, then transforming into magnificent sunsets. During day and night, this open-air setting offers breathtaking views of Pompeii, the bell tower and the rooftops of the city.

A relaxing location that invites guests to linger and get excited in front of the beauty of nature and the goodness of Mediterranean food, to be shared in good company.

Qui l’essenza dell’Italian Food Experience diviene palpabile, si manifesta con evidenza e chiarezza in ogni sua forma.

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