The Italian Food Experience exhibits at the design fair in the Neapolitan city

Eleit.it is an innovative project, a new taste experience, in which the world of food meets that of design and craftsmanship.

The goal of Eleit.it is to promote the Italian Food Experience, through an exclusive line of objects that, by combining high design and the excellence of Italian manufacturing, are an expression of the history of the territory to which they belong.

From the synergy between these three expressions, Eleit.it aspires to a careful selection of partners to create objects capable of establishing new experiences in a process of exalting taste.

Last October Eleit.it participated for the second consecutive year in EDIT Napoli, the international design fair.

A synergy between various realities born in the womb of the Neapolitan city, the result of the genius and creativity of internationally renowned designers and craftsmen.

Eleit.it exhibited its innovative and unpublished “experiential objects”.

The “Riti” line is composed of “scarpetta“, “soffio” and “con-dita“, design artifacts to make, respectively, the “scarpetta” in a starry key, eat a gourmet fried pizza and enjoy other small delicacies, enhancing their aesthetic value , releasing its perfume and stimulating three of our senses at the same time.

The Pyxis, on the other hand, is a container and serving dish for buffalo mozzarella with sinuous shapes that was created with the aim of enhancing the consumption of buffalo mozzarella, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, an object with an innovative design but strongly influenced by the tradition of Greek vascular art, hence its name.

For the Riti line, Eleit.it promoted the meeting between young designers 400gon and the chef of Palazzo Petrucci Lino Scarallo, ambassador and interpreter of the Neapolitan culinary tradition and the highly experienced company Bhumi Ceramica. Common thread: the triumph of gestures at the table.

The Pyxis, on the other hand, comes to life from an idea of ​​Raffaella Del Giudice, Architect and Designer, with the collaboration of two exceptional partners: the Real fabbrica of Capodimonte, which produced the object according to the ancient techniques of ceramic processing, and the organic farm Tenuta Vannulo, excellence in the food sector, thanks to whose collaboration in the project it was possible to experiment with the use and perfect the functionality of the Pyxis.

The Eleit.it project has taken the Campania region and its excellences as its starting point, but has a broader objective: to open up to new collaborations and, in this sense, EDIT Napoli represented an opportunity to meet new designers with to create new projects on iconic foods and traditional recipes of each region to export the Italian Food Experience in an innovative way even beyond the Italian borders.

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