An all-Italian ancient art

Who hasn’t ever made the “scarpetta” with a good slice of bread after eating an appetizing plate of pasta with meat sauce?

It is a typically Italian gesture, a ritual that is a must for many!

But how was the “scarpetta” born?

It seems that there are two origins of this gesture: one theory says that bread is the metaphor of a shoe that, “passing” on the plate, collects what it finds, so, in the same way, the piece of bread collects the best part of a plate.

The second option reconnects the gesture of collecting food from the plate to the word “shoe”, a type of light and flexible shoe, alluding to the action of a person who is very hungry because he is poor.

Whatever its origin, the “scarpetta” still is a must in Italian habits!

Although it is considered a popular gesture, even etiquette, with its strict rules, allows you to “make the scarpetta”, but wants it to be done only on informal occasions and using the fork, not the hands.

Our Riti Line was born from the idea of ​​exploring the evolution of the “scarpetta” in a starry key. The goal is to enhance the gestures and memory of the Neapolitan cuisine table, of which the “scarpetta” is the distinctive language of so good that it cannot leave a trace on the plate. The 400gon, young designers who won the 2018 Materia Design Festival in Catanzaro with the Cobbler, meet the chef Lino Scarallo of the Michelin star restaurant Palazzo Petrucci. promoted the meeting with the chef ambassador and interpreter of the Neapolitan culinary tradition, also famous for his ragù. Bhumi‘s great experience in handmade design applied to food, perfectly completed the project, giving life to a design object, with the aim of enhancing the taste and pleasure of a simple gesture which, thanks to this synergy between the partners, rises to a “starry” ritual!
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