Palazzo Petrucci


Lino Scarallo is more than a chef. He is a brilliant Neapolitan “scugnizzo”, pyrotechnic, with a volcanic creative energy that allows him unknown freedom to most in the world of haute cuisine. Son of the real Naples, he does not grow up among nannies and babysitters, but among the scents and colors of a world that is in danger of disappearing. He was born in the Sanità district. He got to know the flavors at home and on the street. The father is a butcher. But the encounter with the cuisine was born by chance. At 10, his parents used to go to the sea in Maiori, on the Amalfi coast. The road is all curves, climbs and descents. And little Lino hates that torture in the car. He prefers to stay home with is aunt despite the heat. He reassures his parents that he will cook, and begins his experiments. Cooking becomes fun and fun becomes passion. In 2006 the meeting with Edoardo Trotta. An entrepreneur who dreams of bringing great cuisine back to Naples. From this “marriage” was born “Palazzo Petrucci”. It is an extraordinary success. After just over a year, the Michelin star also arrives. The restaurant lives in the historic center of Naples with all its colors and its liveliness. Then in January 2016 the transfer to the Posillipo bay in front of Vesuvius, Capri and the historic Palazzo Donn’Anna, in a dream setting. Here the consecration as an extraordinary interpreter not only of Neapolitan cuisine.

Rituals, sensations, memories: from the meeting of these elements Riti is born, a collection of objects that focuses on the triumph of gestures at the table.

The Riti Line was born from the idea of exploring the starry evolution of the “scarpetta”, the dipping of bread in the sauce.

The goal is to enhance the gestures and memory of the Neapolitan cuisine table, of which the “scarpetta” is the distinctive language for something so good that cannot be left a trace on the plate.

The experience with

“ is a project that is very close to my heart – says Scarallo – because it allowed me to highlight rituals, and not surprisingly this is the name of the line of objects, which I consider beautiful gestures and not simple habits. Gestures that are not included in the etiquette, but which for me are fundamental, full of life, such as having some bread in the dish to make the “scarpetta” or eating fried pizza and ‘cuoppo’ with your hands. And these objects allow us to do it without embarrassment “.

Palazzo Petrucci with its windows overlooking the Gulf and Palazzo Donn’Anna, is the restaurant that served as the backdrop for these ritual objects.

Palazzo Petrucci has a soul that looks to beauty – says the owner Edoardo Trotta – it is the beauty of the dishes, the beauty of the Gulf of Naples that we have in front of our eyes every day, the beauty of a work that puts us in contact with many cultures and languages ​​different from cooking. For us it was natural to join the project, which brings the investigation into contemporary signs of design and beauty “.

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