400GONwas born in Naples from the common passion of two friends and fellow architects, Andrea Arpenti and Marco Stradolini. With the designer Tonia Petraglia, the feminine soul that was missing from the group is added.

The heart of the work is to design.

“We believe in the value of design and apply it by moving from interior design to product design. From the intimacy of an apartment to the convivial atmosphere of a restaurant or hotel, we give identity to each project, carefully accompanying it from concept to final realization”. By participating in the Catanzaro Design Week 2018, the idea of working on a product linked to the ritual of the “scarpetta” was born. The competition envisaged the importance of combining tradition and innovation, so they started with a “Neapolitan rite” of the “gourmet” table. The intent was to simplify and bring the “scarpetta” back into the strict rules of etiquette; a beloved gesture by Neapolitans (and not only), viewed with suspicion but considered the final applause by many great chefs.

Rituals, sensations, memories: from the meeting of these elements Riti is born, a collection of objects that focuses on the triumph of gestures at the table.
The Riti Line was born from the idea of exploring the starry evolution of the “scarpetta”, the dipping of bread in the sauce.
The experience with eleit.it
“Craftsmanship, connections, design, experimentation, research, ferment: these are the main ingredients of Eleit.it – say the 400gon designers – a project with a ‘local’ soul, which highlights avant-garde design in the world of food. The diner is an esthete of food and the act of eating a multisensory explosion to be savored with all five senses. The dish is the place where the experience is savored “.
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