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Bhumi was born in 2000 in Forino, in the province of Avellino, from the collaboration of Nello Antonio Valentino and Aniello Rega. Bhumi’s twenty-year activity lays its foundations not only in the creativity of its founders, but also and above all in its original ability to precede the most dynamic moments of the Italian and international art and craft scene. Over the years, the company has dedicated itself to both formal and technical research, analyzing most of the new materials. These studies were developed through Ariano-Milan and back with the Brera Academy (MI); TIGS International Gift Show in Tokyo; Top drawer Spring in London. Winner in 2003 of the Artisan Product competition in Como, with the product Ovolì table cruet. Hence also the collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture of Naples on the theme “Exercises in Drawing / Design Experiments” presented at the Milan Triennale. Collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture of Rome “La Sapienza” on the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 competition-project with the Italian team Made in Italy – the sustainable mediterranean house, winning the Third Prize, while, in 2012, the company is the winner of the First Prize Palermo Design Week. Since 2019 Nello Antonio Valentino has been a professor of Forming technology and typology of new materials at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

Rituals, sensations, memories: from the meeting of these elements Riti is born, a collection of objects that focuses on the triumph of gestures at the table.

The Riti Line was born from the idea of exploring the starry evolution of the “scarpetta”, the dipping of bread in the sauce.

The goal is to enhance the gestures and memory of the Neapolitan cuisine table, of which the “scarpetta” is the distinctive language for something so good that cannot be left a trace on the plate.

The experience with

“We embraced this project first of all because it is territorial – explains Nello Antonio Valentino of Bhumi Ceramica – and then because it created a large network made up of many excellences, where everyone can highlight their professionalism and create excellent products”.

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