Tenuta Vannullo


The Tenuta Vannulo organic farm, managed by the Palmieri family, is a company specializing in the production of dairy products, in particular mozzarella, yogurt and buffalo milk puddings. Born in 1907, the dairy has a long history behind it and represents a real pride for southern entrepreneurs.

ICEA certified organic farm, cultivates the fodder needed to feed their 600 buffaloes. Each of them is treated only with homeopathic remedies. Showers and brushes, rubber mats and music, state-of-the-art milking techniques to safeguard animal welfare, hygiene and milk quality.

Milking robots allow the animal to selfmanage with a more natural and less stressful pace of life. The mozzarella is processed entirely by hand, in full compliance with scrupulous hygiene, exclusively with company milk, where there is the only sale point.

Territory, history and design represent the three cornerstones of research that gave life to Pyxis, an object dedicated to buffalo Mozzarella.

Pyxis was created with the aim of enhancing the consumption of buffalo mozzarella, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.
The project comes to life from an idea by Raffaella Del Giudice, Architect and Designer, who, driven by the desire to find herself around the table of her childhood, created a design object that is a tribute to her land and family.
The object was made in Capodimonte according to traditional processes: the ancient craftsmanship of the Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, commissioned by Carlo di Borbone in 1743, has been handed down since 1961 within the Istituto Raro Caselli – De Sanctis with the aim to conceive and experiment the innovations of ancient art. During the Bourbon period, mozzarella became a widely consumed food and it was in Capodimonte that King Carlo di Borbone decided to establish the Reale Vaccheria, a buffalo farm with an adjoining experimental dairy for milk processing.
Thanks to the collaboration of a third partner, excellence in the food sector, such as the organic farm Tenuta Vannulo, it was possible to experiment with the use and perfect the functionality of the Pyxis.

The experience with eleit.it

“I have always thought that innovation was a very important thing – says Antonio Palmieri, owner of the Vannulo company – that should accompany us in every moment of life. This design project, which puts mozzarella on the table in a new, also elegant way, immediately won me over. New things are more difficult, sometimes they destabilize, but I like to leave the comfort zone, as in this case, where an object containing mozzarella is synonymous with change”.

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