Real Fabbrica della Porcellana di Capodimonte


The Porcelain Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, created in Naples by King Carlo di Borbone in 1743 as a Royal Porcelain Manufactory, has always had a dialogue with Europe. When Ferdinando di Borbone came of age, in 1771-72, they began to think of a new Porcelain Manufactory, whose production was a symbol of profound cultural renewal with the introduction of the neoclassical turn, probably made in advance of other European manufacturers.

This imparted a unique and innovative character to the porcelains, and above all to the prestigious “table services”.

Over the following centuries, this precious and ancient art of fire continued to live, protecting a glorious tradition known and admired beyond the borders.

Inside the Capodimonte Park, the Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte and the Istituto Raro “Caselli-De Sanctis” with Rare Address are still located today, established in 1961 with the aim of continuing the ancient artisan tradition, but also of designing and experimenting innovations in the sector.

The Institute holds the trademark of the Real Fabbrica, the only production company whose works can boast the “Bourbon Lily”.

Territory, history and design represent the three cornerstones of research that gave life to Pyxis, an object dedicated to buffalo Mozzarella.

Pyxis was created with the aim of enhancing the consumption of buffalo mozzarella, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.
The project comes to life from an idea by Raffaella Del Giudice, Architect and Designer, who, driven by the desire to find herself around the table of her childhood, created a design object that is a tribute to her land and family.
The object was made in Capodimonte according to traditional processes: the ancient craftsmanship of the Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, commissioned by Carlo di Borbone in 1743, has been handed down since 1961 within the Istituto Raro Caselli – De Sanctis with the aim to conceive and experiment the innovations of ancient art. During the Bourbon period, mozzarella became a widely consumed food and it was in Capodimonte that King Carlo di Borbone decided to establish the Reale Vaccheria, a buffalo farm with an adjoining experimental dairy for milk processing.
Thanks to the collaboration of a third partner, excellence in the food sector, such as the organic farm Tenuta Vannulo, it was possible to experiment with the use and perfect the functionality of the Pyxis.

The experience with

“ is the union between the food and wine excellence and the manufacturing excellence of reference in Campania, – underlines Valter Luca De Bartolomeis, manager of the Raro Caselli-De Sanctis Institute – a functional, ergonomic and poetic project, which represents the perfect match between the white gold of Naples with the Capodimonte manufacturing and the white gold of Cilento with the mozzarella from Vannulo. A meeting that we can define as ‘due’, because it was natural, which had to happen. After the porta babà, when we were asked to work on the Pyxis mozzarella holder, we were thrilled, both because it was a topic that was already being discussed, but even more so because it involved a collaboration with another beautiful company from Campania such as Vannulo. ”

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