Maura Ardu


Maura Ardu, from Piedmont, of Sardinian mother, works and collaborates in New York in the world of Made in Italy fashion design, but in her Wall Street apartment, renamed “Casa Italia”, she has been spreading the Italian culinary culture for years, starting from simple and genuine ingredients linked to the excellence of our territory.

Mamma Maura Chef, the name by which she is known in the Big Apple, has been promoting Italian food for years, reworking the aromas, colors and flavors of traditional Italian recipes.

In 2018 she won the MISS CHEF®New York award, the first competition among some of the best Italian and foreign female chefs: the aim is to enhance the eno-gastronomic excellence of our territory through the interpretation of traditional recipes.

From the experience of “Casa Italia” a profession was born: today she is Executive Chef consulting for Sauce restaurante, Private Chef, Chef Quality Consulting.

Midnight Line
With the aim of facilitating the gesture of wrapping long pasta shapes, and achieving a perfectly balanced experience, both for sight and taste, arises the design of the Midnight Line.
The Lombard designer Emanuela Sala, who has been involved for years in a project, the Piatto Unico project, to reinterpret handmade ceramics with the aim of enhancing the knowledge and heritage of historical Italian manufactures, accepts the challenge and proposes a design object with an innovative shape, the result of the careful research carried out in recent years and the desire to translate aspects of our contemporaneity into durable forms. It is from the synergy of these two different experiences, on the Milan-New York axis, that the project materializes on a plate.
L’esperienza con
“Being a Food Partner for means for me, giving life to my natural expressive evolution which has always been linked to everything that is native and innovative. gave me the opportunity to dare and create an object aimed at enhancing a dish strongly rooted in the history of Italian cuisine in an elegant design setting that breaks into classicism. ”
Maura Ardu Executive Chef
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